– À la Carte Menu –

(All prices are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change)


Olives £3.95
Dolmades (v) £3.95
(savoury stuffed vine leaves)
Keftedes £4.95
(Minced beef and mixed spices)
Tuna Fish £4.50
(Celery, onion and lemon juice)
Taramosalada £4.95
(Smoked fish roe mixed with onions, garlic and lemon juice)
Houmous £4.50
(Thick chick peas in sesame oil)
Tsatsiki £4.50
(Yoghurt with cucumber, mint and garlic)
Grilled Halloumi (with grilled tomatoes) £5.95
Greek Hors D’Oeuvres £7.50


Chilli Wings £4.95
Barbecued Chicken Wings £4.95
Minestrone Soup £3.95
Prawn Cocktail £5.95
Chilled Melon £3.95
Smoked Trout £6.95
Avocado Prawns £5.95
Avocado Vinaigrette £4.50
Home Made Påté £5.75
Corn on the Cob £3.95
Fried Scampi £5.95
Scallops Cooked in Garlic Butter £6.95
King Prawns Cooked in Garlic Butter (3) £6.95
Creamy Garlic Mushrooms £4.95
Garlic Bread £2.95
Garlic Bread with Cheese £3.50

Charcoal Grills

Porterhouse Steak £19.95
Fillet Steak Garni £18.95
T-Bone Steak £19.95
Sirloin Steak Garni £16.95

Steak Specialities

Steak Chasseur £17.95

Surf and Turf:

Sirloin Steak and King Prawns £23.95
Sirloin Steak with half Lobster Thermidor from £30.00
Steak Au Poivre (Fillet steak with pepper sauce) £19.95
Tornedos Rossini With Fillet Steak £19.95


Breast of Chicken £10.50
(Potatoes & Vegtables)
Chicken Chasseur £11.50
(Breast of chicken cooked in onions, fresh tomatoes, wine and seasonings)
Lemon chicken £11.50
(Breast of chicken with sweet lemon sauce)
Chicken a la Crème £12.95
(Breast of chicken, sautéed in butter, cooked with white wine, cream and fresh prawns)
Barbecue Chicken with Cheese £11.95
Hot and Spicy Chilli Chicken £11.50
Pepper Chicken £11.95


Lobster Thermidor (when available) P.O.A.
(Cooked in white wine sauce, onions, garlic and brandy)
King Prawns £16.95
(Pan fried in garlic butter, spring onions and white wine)
Scallops £16.95
(Pan fried in garlic butter, spring onions and white wine)
Grilled Dover Sole £18.95
Lemon Sole £17.95
Fried Scampi £13.95

House Specialities

Chateaubriand (for 2) £40.00
(Sliced fillet steak, sautéed in butter, flamed in brandy)
Steak Diane £19.95
(Fine fillet steak, mushrooms, onions, french mustard flamed in brandy)
Beef Stroganoff £15.95
(Pieces of fillet steak, cooked with dry sherry, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and cream – served with rice)
Scallop Provincale £16.95
(Scallop cooked in tomatoes, cream, onions, garlic and served on a bed of rice)
Chicken Flambé £12.95
(breast of chicken cooked in onions, mushrooms, cream and dry sherry)

Greek Specialities

Souvla £12.95
(large pieces of lamb on charcoal seasoned)
Lamb Kebab £12.95
Pork Kebab £11.95
Chicken Kebab £12.95
(breast of chicken cooked on a skewer, charcoal seasoned)
Baidakia Arnishia £12.95
(Young lamb cutlets grilled)
Mousaka Melizanes £11.95
(Made with best mince and oven baked)
Stifado served with rice £12.50
(Lean beef cooked with onions, wine, cinnamon and peppercorns)
Kleftikon £14.95
(tender lamb shank roasted with oregano and spices)

Greek Peasant Meze £38.00

Peasant Meze (Greek delicacies) (for 2)
Starters consist of Taramosalada, Houmous, Tsatsiki, Tuna Fish,
Shelled on Prawns, Potato Salad, Garlic Mushrooms,
Olives and Pitta Bread.

Main Course consists of Chicken Cooked in Tomato and Celery,
Pork Kebabs, Lamb Cutlets, Kleftedes, Dolmades,
Greek Fries and Greek Salad.

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetable Kebab £10.95
Vegetable Mousaka £10.95
Mushroom Stroganoff £10.95

(all served with french dressing)

Mixed Salad £3.50
Peasant Salad (with feta cheese) £3.95
Tomato / Onion Salad £2.95


Please ask for sweet menu £4.95

Vegan, vegetarian and special dietary requirements can
easily be catered for, please just ask.