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(All prices are correct at time of publishing and subject to change)

House Wines

Medium Sweet Wine
Dry White

Carafe (litre) £15.95
1/2 Carafe (1/2 litre) £7.95
125 ml glass £3.50
175 ml glass £4.50

Sparkling Wines

Asti Spumanti  (A sweet rich fruity bouquet) £18.95

Prosecco (Dry sparkling white) £18.95

White Wine

Turner Rd (California) £14.95

Pinot Grigio, (Italy) £16.95

Hardys Crest (Australia), Chardonnay £16.95

Villa Maria Sauvignon blanc (New Zealand) £19.95

Chablis (France) £19.95

Rosé Wine

Pinot Grigio Rosé £16.95
(crispy palate with subtle spice and rich fruit flavours)

Zinfandel Rosé £15.95
(sweet wine with excellent body and acidity)


Moët et Chandon £39.00
Bollinger £45.50

Veuve Clicquot £45.50

Red Wines

Hardys Crest (Australia), Cabernet / Merlot £15.95
(Rich medium pallet with aromas of cherry and hints of vanilla)

Rioja (Spain) £16.95
(full flavoured with a soft fruity finish)

Chåteau Neuf de Pape (France) £22.95
(full bodied spicy wine with powerful aromas)

Pinotage (South Africa) £16.95
(Aromas and flavours reminiscent of wild brambles & damsons)

Rosemount Shiraz (New Zealand) £17.95
(Aromas of blackberry, cherry, plum, chocolate, pepper and spice)

Greek Wines

Othello £17.95
(full bodied red)

Aphrodite £17.95
(crispy dry white wine)

St. Pantelemon £17.95
(sweet, fruity white wine)

Restina £17.95
(dry white with a hint of resin on the palate)


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